COVID-19 Information

Dear Valued Customer,

With the growing concern surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), Rockingham has been taking additional steps to prioritize the health and wellness of both our customers and employees. We are taking this situation very seriously, and have implemented proactive steps to maintain the healthiest environment as possible in our dealerships by:

Increasing the frequency of cleaning throughout the dealerships
Disinfecting all high touch areas (counter tops, door handles, bathrooms, chairs, etc.) multiple times per day
Maintaining sufficient levels of soap in all washrooms
Abstaining from contact greetings, like handshakes, and employees using latex gloves when moving/servicing your vehicle.
Making available hand sanitizer for our customers and employees in our service and sales departments.
Encouraging any employee feeling ill to stay at home and contact their doctor.
We will continue to monitor information form the CDC and take any further precautions as necessary. If you have any questions on the impact of the coronavirus to your family, it is best to speak to your family’s medical professionals.

Thank you in advance for staying alert and engaged with this important topic.


Ryan Horgan

Dealer Manager